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St. Mary’s Parish Church Dungarvan

in the 

Roman Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore

Dedication Plaque in St. Mary’s Parish Church

Dedication Plaque in Latin at the top left-hand side of St. Mary’s Parish Church, just left of the confession box and underneath the stained glass window.


This translation and notes of the Latin plaque were written by Canon Donal O’Connor, D. D. P.E. in August 2009.


To God the Best and the Greatest
This edifice is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the august Mother of
God, assumed into heaven. It was built through the generosity of our
forefathers, and the divine services were publicly celebrated in it for the
first time on 27 March 1828.
After that it was furnished more than once through the generosity of the
townspeople, and it was consecrated with due solemnity by Bernard,
Bishop of Waterford and Lismore who inserted the relics of Anicetus and
Hilary in the high altar on 21 September 1916.
John Power, Parish Priest placed (this Plaque) in 1921 to seal the memory
of this most auspicious day.




Bernard Hackett, a native of Dungarvan and a Redemptorist priest was Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, 1916 – 1932.

Between 1828 and 1916 substantial renovation was carried out by a number of parish priests: Rev. James Vincent Cleary, D.D. PP Dungarvan 1876 – 1880 and later Archbishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. V. Rev. P. Casey, PP (1888 – 1894).

Work carried out by Mr. Creedon of Fermoy after plans by Mr. Ashlin.

John Power (Rt. Rev. Mgr.) PP Dungarvan, 1902 – 1925.

Relics of St. Anicetus (Anacletus) and St. Hilary were inserted in the high altar.