Mass is broadcast on 98.5FM

St. Mary’s Parish Church Dungarvan

in the 

Roman Catholic Diocese of Waterford and Lismore



Saturday evening once a month at 6.00pm

Please contact the Parish Office to arrange/discuss the baptism of your child


Confessions are heard every Saturday evening before 7.30pm Mass and during weekdays at…

Holy Orders:

Eucharist/Holy Communion:

Each year in the Parish, children from the various schools will make their First Holy Communion.

Anointing of the Sick:

Extreme Unction is a true sacrament instituted by Christ and proclaimed by St. James. It is administered by anointing with blessed oil accompanied by prayer. Only a priest can validly administer it. It can be received by any baptized person who has reached the age of reason and is on account of sickness or age in danger of death. Its effect is the strengthening of the soul, often of the body as well, and in the necessary conditions remission of sins.


Come Holy Spirit! Each year in the Parish children from sixth class in the various Catholic Schools will be confirmed with the Holy Spirit by Most Reverend Bishop Phonsie Cullinan.


Marriage in the Catholic Church is the union of a man and woman who have been baptised in the Christian faith, who make their commitment to God and to each other in the presence of an ordained minister of the Catholic Church.